In the past years tagging clothes for consignment sales meant clothes, hangers, and tags strewed across the floor, couch, or bed taking up residence for too many days and disrupting the routine of our house.

This year, I needed/wanted to do something different: Be organized! In my opinion, it’s futile to run out and spend money on rolling clothes racks unless you are going to use them year round. I wanted clothes to rack that was simple, cheap and could be dismantled and easily stored year after year.

Instructions for a DIY Clothes Rack:

DIY Clothes Rack


  • 2 Scraps of 2×4 Wood at least 18” long
  • 2×2-8ft Wood Furring Strip
  • Two-1×2-8ft Wood Furring Strip
  • Ten Wood Screws that are at least 1-1/4”
  • 1/8” Drill Bit
  • Scroll saw (preferably) or Chop Saw
  • Cordless or Corded Drill
  • Measuring Tape and Pencil
  • Piece of sandpaper
  • Clamps

DIY Clothes Rack

Total Cost:

We already had all supplies except for the 2 furring strips which cost under $1.50 each, so I spent $3.00 making this. Under $20 if you have to buy screws, drill bit, and wood.

Step 1: Measure the 8″ 2×2 board in half (4 ft) and cut.

Step 2: Measure both of the 8″ 1×2 boards in half (4 ft) and cut.

Step 3: Take scraps of 2×4 and cut them down to the same length. Mine were cut to be 14” long. The rounding of the edges is completely optional and can only be done safely with a scroll saw. I rounded the boards so that are not sharp edges if/when my toddler plays around the rack.

Step 4: Find the center of your cut 2×4 pieces and lay 1 piece of your now 4″ 2×2 board on it making sure that there is no overhang at the base. Drill 2 holes through your 4″ 2×2 down into your 2×4. DO NOT skip this pre-drilling! Cheap, light boards will split if you try to drive a screw into them without prepping it.

Step 5: Screw the boards together.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 4-5 for the other clothes rack leg.

Step 7: Using anything that’s handy and sturdy, prop the now assembled legs of the clothes rack up and at a distance of 4 feet apart and place the other 2 pieces of 4″ 1×2 boards like shown in the picture. Once assembled, these supports will guarantee the stability of the clothes rack.

Step 8: Drill through the ends of your 4″ 1×2 boards into the top of the 2×4 feet.

Step 9: Screw in all corners. Your rack should now be able to stand on it own.

Step 10: This is the only “tricky” part of the whole project. It does require some assistance to hold the opposite side of where you are drilling so grab someone. Use clamps on each end to hold the board in place while you measure, drill, and screw. Place one of the 4″ 1×2 boards between the 2 arms of the rack, resting it on the clamps. See photos for visual description.

Step 11: Measure to find the center of your 4″ 1×2 board’s end and pre-drill at least 1 hole through the 4″ 2×2 into the 4″ 1×2.

Step 12: Screw the boards together.

Step 13: Repeat Steps 11-12 on the other side.

Step 14: Sand down all rough edges if you feel like it.

TA-DA! You now have clothes rack that can be dismantled and fit under any bed or closet until next consignment season.