Privacy Policy
The following is the privacy policy for The Mommies Network, its associates and assigns:

Who does this policy apply to?
Everyone. No one is excused from it. It is the user’s responsibility to keep up to date with changes to the privacy policy.

Is this privacy policy likely to change? 
Yes, the privacy policy may be changed as a requirement of Federal and/or State Laws.

Privacy Policy Statement
The Mommies Network understands that you are concerned about your privacy. That’s why we have created this privacy policy statement, to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy.

How does The Mommies Network use the information you provide?
The Mommies Network uses the information you provide to verify that you live in the area covered by the community you have joined. Additionally, we use the information to contact you to keep you informed of upcoming activities and initiatives within your community. The Mommies Network will not sell or give away your personal information to any other person, company or organization, unless it is required by law, or you expressly agree to us giving out your information. Demographic and profile data is only shared with The Mommies Network affiliates and sponsors on an aggregate or collective basis; we will never tell our affiliate your name, your postal address or your email address and other identifying information.

What about security?
The Mommies Network has modern and robust security measures in place to protect the information you give to us from loss, misuse, and alteration. We are constantly reviewing and upgrading these security measures to ensure the very best of protection to you.

Why does this website record IP Addresses?
When a user joins this website, our computers may record their IP address. In the event that we detect fraud or abuse of our program on our website and computers, we may use the IP address of the offender to take action against them. Ultimately this ensures greater protection for you and your personal information.

What are cookies and why does this website use them?
A cookie is a piece of data stored on a user’s computer hard drive, containing information about that user. A cookie can only be accessed across the Internet by the website that placed it there. Cookies are used by the website to add functionality and security. You may choose to reject a cookie that this website attempts to place on your computer; however, you may then be limited in your use of some areas of the website. The use of cookies in this way is widespread and commonly accepted by the Internet community.

What about other Websites?
This website contains links to other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of these other websites. We encourage you to be aware when you leave our website and to read the privacy statements of other websites that you use. This privacy statement applies only to websites owned and operated by The Mommies Network.

What is SPAM and does The Mommies Network send it?
The widely accepted definition of SPAM is unsolicited commercial email, or, in other words, email of a commercial nature that the recipient did not request and does not want. The Mommies Network does not send SPAM. If you have received an unwanted email sent from The Mommies Network or purporting to be sent from The Mommies Network, please contact us at admin @themommiesnetwork [dot] Org. If you have any questions about the privacy and permission practices of any of The Mommies Network websites or your dealings with The Mommies Network, please contact us at admin @themommiesnetwork [dot] Org. We are committed to being of service to you and resolving any issues that may arise.

Federal Privacy Act
This website’s Privacy Policy must be read in conjunction with the Federal Privacy Act which can be viewed online at